No absence may make the heart grow fonder. But it’ll take a while before we feel very fond about these artists welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 musicians we hope never make a comeback.

This list will be ranking the bands or artists, who once saw chart success. But for one reason or another have since fallen out of favor with their audience for the record our intent isn’t to be spiteful or mean with this list look rather take a light-hearted look at musicians. Who could be perceived as relics of their time or the one-hit wonder? If it was a plop of Joel off school bit check out the hook, while my DJ football.

Number 10 Lou Bega. She tastes like you know it your friends know it heck even your mom knows it. It’s Mambo number 5 a 1999 hit from the German-born pop artist Lou Bega number of facts to be fair the songs modern update of a Perez Prado track from 1949 doesn’t really sound like anything else released on the pop landscape during that time and Lou Bega’s performance with charismatic as hell on both the song itself as well as the accompanying.

Video clinic Erica homicides subsequent efforts failed to see comparable success to Mambo number 5. Unfortunately, while many music banks simply see Lou Bega as too much of a one-hit wonder ever mount a substantial come back onto the international scene.

Number 9 shaggy pop reggae dancehall it seems as the shaggy. Could you know wrong back? When he first burst onto the scene back in the 90s. This from target customers is in return for the song the dark and handsome Jamaican with the gravelly voice may be best known for his bombastic hit from 1995. But shaggy also struck gold with his hotshot album in 2000 which featured such singles as the angel and it wasn’t me quickfire Hamza – oppa top 4 disturb our carbanion all of us are on haha. Although the singer still writes records and performs today his profile has faded significantly.

In the years since his early success will audiences ever return to Shaggy’s unique style of pop-reggae fusion only time will tell number 8 B 4 4 yikes where do we start with this one. Maybe it’s the cliche boy band arrangement the ridiculous video clips like getting down or those cringe-worthy clothes haircuts and 10 jobs which make b44 terrible or maybe it’s a group pension for overblown production and studio magic have labeled them a relic from the teen pop obsessed climate of the early millennium either way.

This Canadian boyband was actually nominated for a Juno Award back in 2001 in the Best New Artist category. S0o they were obviously doing something right fast forwarding to 2017 however well some music is just better off left in the past.

Number seven Ashlee Simpson poor Ashlee Simpson it couldn’t have been easy being caught lip-synching on Saturday Night Live or being booed during a performance at the 2005 Orange Bowl or being married to follow boys peak went still Jessica’s little sister soldiered on in the years following some embarrassing public image snafu even releasing a record in 2008 bittersweet world.

Which received some critical praise. Unfortunately, most Ashlee Simpson fans have probably left the building by this point in 2017 leaving little question as to weather. There’s any demand for her to mount any substantial comeback.

Number six Soulja Boy Sonic it may whether you call this next artist eligible young Draco or by the more unwieldy moniker Soulja Boy tell him: there’s no denying that the Andre Cortez way has struggled to mimic the early success. He achieved after dropping his debut single crank that Soulja Boy Superman although Soulja initially found his audience thanks to some grassroots marketing on YouTube.

This Chicago native hasn’t exactly lit up the charts and plan with any of his subsequent single indeed it was only Soulja Boy’s debut LP a Soulja boy tell em calm, but made any marks at all upon the hip-hop world with waves second and third album delivering comparatively Bismil sales figures traffic ever watches what a cop. I’ll walk around with your big little blocks. I feel my original scene later top selling low and the puppies are with a putt oh my god okay.

Number five Eiffel 65 trashy Europa where would we be without you this Italian techno act never shied away from such labels during their heyday even choosing this term as a title for their breakthrough 1999 debut. There’s not much substance to Eiffel 65 beat-driven electronic sound with the group’s music being designed primarily for the dancefloor not for pondering the meaning of life.

Eiffel 65 most recognizable it was blue a simple track which succeeded thanks mainly to its maddening earworm course and a bizarre sci-fi themed music video Eiffel 65 may still have bands in their native Italy. But we’re skeptical as to whether or not that 2016 upload of new material will lead any sort of 90s techno revival.

You’re just numbered four limp Biskit stays away bull this is one of those days speaking of late nineties revival is there any demand for a new Metal renaissance. We’re not sure but if there is we hopeless biscuit arrives late to that party this. Floridian group were one of the defining artists of this 90s metal sound, which embraced stripped-down dripping and hip-hop elements as opposed to the genres more traditional phallus have been kind to the band or their singer Fred Durst.

However with some fancy Olympus get more as a relic than anything relevant to the metal teen of today sure some younger metal bags may point the person company as an influence with the band time and the foglight seems to have come and gone.

Number three Paris Hilton we know what you’re thinking to wait, Paris Hilton, was a musician and sure we may be stretching that term a bit when discussing the famous heiresses musical career. But her single stars are blind actually earned critical praise when it was released in 2006. Paris’s decision to move into reggae pop and R&B; circles with her debut album led to excelling over 500,000 copies worldwide.

This is a move that surprised many who thought the album was going to tank Phil Paris hasn’t exactly set the charts on fire in the years since. It’s release making it highly unlikely she’ll ever mount a musical comeback worthy of conversation and critics we leave a painting black number to crazytown. We were wrong to come back limp Biskit all is forgiven. It’s hard to believe that this rap-rock Act once performs an Ozzy Osbourne successful odd test tour.

But crazytown were indeed once darlings of the 90s new metal movement this was banks largely in part to their single butterfly, which let’s face it aren’t very heavy come on come Monday. I’m gonna – bill crazytown briefly managed to cross over into the heavy rock crowd before changing the musical climate and the band’s own personal demon took their toll the band did return in 2015 with a new album the brimstone sluggers.

But crazytown has yet to make standout tracks or regain any major chart success before we announce our number one pick honorable or dishonorable.

Number one creep millions of Creed fans can’t be wrong and indeed it seemed as if this heavy rock band could do no wrong back in the late 90s this was thanks to three multi-platinum selling LTE sold-out tours and tons of adoring fans nowadays. However, guitarist Mark Tremonti focuses more on his band Ultra bridge. While former vocalist cuts that front the arts of anarchy project are just illusion.

But earlier this is probably for the best at some Thank You Creed as a somewhat embarrassing example of overly polished and produced part rock just a few steps I of where the genre would go in a few years time besides does anyone really miss that on the nose he proposed we didn’t think?

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