Our goal is to cultivate clowning. We want to expand the discussion of the art of clown in New York City. We hope to provide a place where, through performance the great clowns of our time can share their tradition and inspire younger clowns. We want to discover the driving forces and profound influences of clowns working today and share them with the clown community. We would like to create an environment of support where clowns of all levels will have an outlet to test original work and take necessary risks. Also, to provide an inexpensive way for audiences to experience the many facets and traditions of clowning. We would like to invite the audience to see the depth of clowning and understand where the clown’s work is coming from. We hope to achieve these goals through this web site, the New York Downtown Clown Monthly Revue, and through a monthly newsletter highlighting the performers of the upcoming revue and their artistic process. Our goal is also to have lots of high-level, artsy-fartsy, silly, slapsticky fun.


Christopher Lueck (co-Producer) is happy to present The New York Downtown Clown Monthly Revue. Christopher was born in Milwaukee, WI. He is a graduate of The Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, CA and has also earned a BFA in Acting from Brooklyn College (Cum Laude). Most recently he has studied clown with the New York GOOFS. Christopher is an actor and clown for stage and film. He has performed in many venues including the Brooklyn Public Library, dirty little theatres, and the Grand Ole Opry and has also appeared in many small films. When not performing Christopher teaches puppetry in the New York Public Schools with Puppetry in Practice. He is also a certified instructor of Japanese samurai sword fighting and enjoys beating people up in competitions.

Amanda Pekoe (co-producer) – Has a BFA in Acting and an MFA in Performing Arts Management from Brookyn College. She has performed in and directed various productions in NYC. Amanda is the FringeJR Director for the New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC). She also handles marketing and promotions for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows in NYC, including The Lieutenant of Inishmore and Slava’s Snowshow.