The March 17th Clown Revue
8:00 pm

BETWEEN 2nd & Bowery, 1st FL




T.M.I.– Joel Jeske and Ben Bolin

When one adds their careers together, Joel Jeske and Ben Bolin have been circus clowns for almost fifteen years.  Ben found his love for the circus working tent and ring crews with Circus Smirkus in Vermont.  He continued to work crews for Circus Flora, Circus Zoppe, and finally Big Apple Circus.  On Big Apple, he discovered a knack for performance and love of being a clown.  He was taught on tour by an international faculty including Barry Lubin, Johnny Peers, Francesco, and Joel Jeske. Ben made his clown debut at the New York Downtown Clown Revue back in December of 2006 with The Christmas Gag. He is currently a clown with the blue unit of the 138th edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnun and Bailey Circus entitled OVER THE TOP!. He can be seen at Madison Square Garden starting March 19th as well as on posters all over New York City as Ben has been selected as this year�s poster clown for the Greatest Show on Earth.  Joel graduated Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Clown College in 1996, toured with the Blue Unit as producing clown for three  years,  and on Ringling�s elegant one ring circus, Barnum�s Kaleidoscape, for one year.  In New York,  Joel has been a ensemble member of the New York Goofs and a creator/peformer for the physical theater company Parallel Exit.  Joel has been a part of the many Big Apple Circus community outreach programs as Dr. YaDontSay for Clown Care and as supervisor for Big Apple�s Circus After School Program. Last season, Joel toured with Big Apple as the Host and Midway Barker of their 29th production STEP RIGHT UP!  When Joel and Ben met on Big Apple, they quickly discovered they had found another clown that brings out the best and worst in themselves and each other.  It is with this knowledge that these two clowns now embark upon the comedy partnership you will see simply known as T.M.I.

The Combustibles are a New York based physical theater company making original, ensemble-based work. The Combustibles first show, Burnt Umber, premiered at the New York International Clown Festival held in October 2007 at The Brick Theatre. The company�s current project is Detritus, a dark and comic tale about New York City’s trash.  Five creatures from the underworld bring back to the surface what you thought you’d disposed of forever.  The Detritus team includes: Combustibles Liza Zapol and Anne Sorce; Ten Directions artistic directors Lynn Berg and Audrey Crabtree, creators of the critically acclaimed Bouffon Glass Menajoree (winner of a NY Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Production); Downtown Clown regular Jeff Seal whose solo show, A Sudden Gust of Gravity, was seen at the NY Clown Festival; Director Larissa Lury (McCarter, 52nd Street Project, Passage Theatre), and Bouffon Consultant Eric Davis (Red Bastard).  A work-in-progress showing of Detritus is happening April 26 & 27 as a part of the Six Figures Theatre Company’s Artists of Tomorrow Festival.  Watch for the full production of Detritus in January 2009!!!!

Matt and glen share the same birthday (b. June 13)
Matt and glen share the same middle name.
When Matt reaches glen’s age, glen will be 60.
This makes Matt sad.
glen was Santa Claus at Macy’s.
Matt won an Emmy.
They just got back from performing together in China.
They are members of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program.
They are clowns in residence at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.
Matt has a show on PBS.
glen has a band.
Matt graduated from Vassar.
glen failed the New York City Cop test.
Matt and glen dedicate all their performances together to May-Kate
and Ashley Olsen (b. June 13).

Summer Shiratori is a writer, coordinator, marketing researcher, and children entertainer. Originally from somewhere, clown around everywhere (most of the time with original balloon hat). Who is desperately in love with clowns and dying to become a circus clown. Summer studied at The New York Goofs Ultimate Clown School. For the moment studying at Clown Lab by Jeff Johnson and The Assortment of Fools by Mark Gindick.
Website as party clown

Melinda Ferraraccio (Yogini) Training includes a BFA in Theatre from Niagara University, intensives with the School of Physical Theatre in London, and The New York Goofs Ultimate Clown School. Performance work includes Natl Tours: Peter Pan (Wendy) with Theatreworks USA, The Miser (Marianne), and The Three Musketeers (Constance) with National Theatre of the Performing Arts. NYC and Regional Credits include: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare in the Park(ing) Lot), The Rover (AGT), Much Ado About Nothing (NYRF) In the Belly of the Beast With Two Backs (Here! Arts Center), and most recently Melinda was seen in Not Just for Shock Value: a Femmes Clown Assemblage(Six Figures Artists of Tomorrow Festival). In her spare time Melinda teaches yoga to both children and adults and is completing a Master’s Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy through the European Graduate School in Switzerland.