I have a grown-ass man wanted to continue my series of holster reviews. Today with another holster from Bravo Concealment. Now as everyone knows I’ve recently fallen in love with outside waistband Kydex holsters. I had never thought: I would like them to try them for the first time ever thanks to Bravo concealment and just found out. I’ve really been carrying the wrong way at least the wrong way for me for a long time and I’m really enjoying the way. I carry now more but you know I want to do a holster review of a different type of Kydex holster and it can be considered the best kydex iwb holster.

Bravo Concealment DOS Holster

Because of everyone every time I do a kind of towels review for the outside waistband pipe. I get the same thing well what about carrying an inside waistband do you ever carry kayaks inside waistband is Kydex good for inside waistband well. Since I’ve never carried kayaks inside waistband. I had to try for myself to find out. Now first let me tell you what?

I’m carrying a Bravo concealment DOAs holster a do S stands for drop out of sight and as far as. That is concerned that title is right on because this thing really does just drop right out of sight. I mean you do not see it hardly at all it does not print hardly at all now. I’m not someone that worries that much about printing. I carry outside waistband and Kydex all the time long as it’s covered.

I’m happy but this gun you know. I’ve got it right here on my hip and it really does disappear. So as far as the title goes drop out of sight. Are you know really appropriate for this holster as far as comfort goes? It’s not as comfortable as outside waistband contacts. But it is pretty much as comfortable as most ways. I’ve carried inside waistband. It’s not the most comfortable.

I’ve ever carried inside but it does have some advantages and I’ll talk to you about those advantages. It has now over some maybe some more comfortable leather holsters first off. Let me show you the holster actually inside my waistband like I said conceals very well holds in very tight to the body. But I wanted to talk about the advantages this holster has over some leather holsters that.

We go inside your waistband one of which is getting a purchase on the gun. It got is really easy to grab. You’re not like trying to fight to get behind it. You’re not wrestling with any leather on the side. You don’t need a thumb cut out for it. It’s just really easy to get ahold up but even more than that really easy to draw from. I mean really easy to draw from, but even more so easy to reholster.

That’s one of the big advantages over leather holsters right. There it does not collapse something. I never really considered before but really does make a big difference when you have to put your gun back. If you’re taking your gun output it in your glove box etc during the day. Now, this holds you could just take off completely but most of us are too lazy to do that at least.

Some advantages over leather holsters inside waistband for you

I am so it does have some advantages over leather holsters inside waistband and the one thing. You think it would give up with me comfort but it really doesn’t give up that much comfort and I’ll show you why here right. Here’s an actual little bit better look at the holster itself and I’ll tell you here why I think? It’s way more comfortable than I ever expected like I said I’ve had a lot of misconceptions about kayaks and comfort was one of them inside waistband especially.

I thought you know there’s no way this could be comfortable. It’s going to be really pokey really scratchy. Now I wouldn’t carry like I say without a shirt underneath. Because I won’t carry any holster that way but when I actually found that when I was carrying this it kind of just disappeared. I kind of just stopped noticing it after a while now am I going to give up my outside waistband for it no.

It’s still inside the waistband holster. So it’s still less comfortable than outside waistband all inside waistband holsters are, in my opinion, you might completely disagree with me. So is it going to be the way? I carry no but I do have to admit it disappeared and here’s why I think it disappears? Here’s my gun here’s my Smith and Wesson M&P; 40 as you can see here you can see how thick it is well when you slide this on it.

It doesn’t really change the size of the gun at all. It’s almost like you just stick clips on your gun it is almost like you’re just Mexican carrying this gun. So if your appendix carrying and let me for one-second Mex and carry is not a racist term. It’s actually a very culturally rich term for the Mexican Vaqueros. That actually is a very great source of pride for them so for those of you go scream racist term look it up.

It’d be in the bud right now so like I say it’s almost like Mexican carrying this gun this holster just adds nothing leather holsters add more I also one thing. I found with this and I sweated less. Because what leather holsters usually add a little more material? They cover a little more your body especially if they’re trying to be more comfortable. I’m the person if things touch me.

I sweat so I found with this holster. I didn’t sweat nearly as much as I would do with a normal hose stir and the day. I carried this it’s 92 degrees outside. So it was a hot day I really didn’t sweat that much with this whole street did not make me feel warmer as you can see here. You can adjust these little clips and care a little lower. If you want but I wanted it a little higher.

So this was like Mexican carrying only a little bit higher than you normally would and I like again a little bit higher. I’d like it to disappear a little bit more up higher on my body so worked out really well it was really more comfortable than I thought like I said I’m not going to give it up my outside waistband Kydex holster for because I just love the comfort of carrying outside waistband and I’m not that worried about concealed.

If I was more worried about concealed? Yes, I would consider carrying one of these inside waistbands because really when it came to comfort and it came to notice it. I was really really surprised so in the end. I’ll say you know if you’re someone that worries more about concealment and you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of comfort that outside waistband can bring you this holster is great.

If you want more information about Bravo Concealment DOS Holster, you can watch the video below:

I mean it is comfortable enough inside waistband to wear it all day long once. I got used to it hardly noticed it at all. It’s not as comfortable outside waistband like I said but still very comfortable much more comfortable than I thought Kydex inside waistband would be now I wouldn’t want to wear it without undershirts. I don’t know how the plastic would feel against my body.

But that’s going to be a personal person thing. I can’t even wear the leather holsters against my body so overall great for concealment reasonably comfortable holds again in a really nice position gives you a much greater access to the gun a much easier to draw than traditional leather inside waistband holsters. So, in the end, I’m going to say if these are the things. You’re looking for ease of ease of draw comfort and great concealed ability. If concealability isn’t your number one factor and then the other things are secondary buy one of these because you’ll be very happy with it you ain’t even my real dad.

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