Oh hey remember me, welcome to newyorkdowntownclown.com and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 comeback songs for this list. We’re looking at musical artists that return from a significant absence or those who reinvented themselves after commercial failures number 10. Are you ready ?

Top #10 Comeback Songs Amazing !

We belong together Mariah Carey if you’re familiar with the 2001 film glitter then it won’t come as a surprise to understand why ? Mariah Carey’s career took a dip in the years after the film’s release her 2002 album charm bracelet bombed with a capital. But the diva recomposed herself and delivered a smash hit in 2005 with we belong together the slow-jam about lost love became the second-longest number one song ever and put a cap on the lost time known as the glitter era number nine. I do anything for love, but i won’t do that meatloaf once an understudy of John Belushi on Broadway Marvin Lee a day aka meatloaf released one of rock’s classic albums in 1977 with Bat Out of Hell sixteen years later.

The singer wasn’t exactly a hot commodity of the music industry, but one monster ballad from Bat Out of Hell to back into hell changed everything with a classic video and constant airplay. I do anything for love reached number one in 28 countries including England, where it became the longest song since the Beatles Hey Jude to top the charts not a bad comeback number eight, if I could turn back time cher for over 25 years cher had been in the public eye and naturally her career had seen many ups and downs by the early 80s her career reached a stopping point, which paved the way for a successful run as an actress and then poof 1989 brought fishnets a new album and the powerhouse single called, if I could turn back time although the catchy tune never reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It became a staple of pop culture over the years of course.

She had another comeback hit almost a decade later with believe the comeback Queen number seven thunderstruck ac/dc formed in 1973 Australian rock band ac/dc melted faces for years until the untimely death of lead singer and Bon Scott in 1980. Even then the musicians continued on with replacement Brian Johnson, but had slight commercial difficulty through the decade but ac/dc once again shocked the world in 1990 with a thrashing new album and energetic single called thunderstruck the opening rips are now unmistakable. I’ve inspired some of the best guitar performances the world has ever seen behold the power of Angus Young number six.

Can’t get you out of my head Kylie Minogue as a former Australian soap star turned chart-topping performer Kylie Minogue ? Knows how to make an entrance but what happens when the door slams shut by the late 90s Minogue’s musical productions became commercially challenged. However, she managed to reinvent herself and release the highly addictive single called can’t get you out of my head with an eye-popping music video an unforgettable chorus kylie minogue’s comeback resulted in one of the best-selling singles of all time number five. Still Dre Dr Dre guess, who’s back oh yeah this Compton born rapper released one of the definitive West Coast rap albums with 1992’s the chronic. But left everybody without a dope feat to step two four years after but just before the dawn of a new millennium dr. Dre teamed up with his old pal Snoop Dogg and released still Dre the lead single for his sophomore effort nothing, but mohawk i’m not the classic CD but yard Abbas with truly a pop culture event Dre took us on a ride with a relentless beat and reintroduced himself as one of the surviving kings of hip-hop.

It’s still Dre taking my time to perfect a bit and i’m still for the streets it’s the d-r-e like that right back up in number four get lucky Daft Punk like The Legend of the fingers eight years after. Releasing the album human after all Daft Punk enlisted Pharrell Williams and Niles Rodgers for one of the most successful songs of all time she’s a fun night to the Sun. I’m up all night to get some, she’s like get lucky was the standout track off the Grammy award-winning album random access memories and reached the top 10 in 32 countries almost immediately get lucky became a classic cover song and source for hilarious parodies the planet 7. But the tracks funky groove never gets old to cap off Daft Punk’s phenomenal comeback the Russian Interior Ministry choir performed get lucky at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics number three tears in heaven eric clapton as one of the most brilliant guitarists ever eric clapton enjoyed tremendous success early in his career, but fell on hard times during the mid-80s after releasing the well-received 1989 album journey man.

The musician had to cope with the tragic death of his four-year-old son as a result Clapton composed the heartbreaking tears in heaven, which allowed him to confront his pain in the best way he knew how the song won three Grammy Awards, but Clapton later decided to close out a dark chapter in his life and removed tears in heaven from live performances number two smooth Santana featuring Rob Thomas in 1992 Santana’s album.

Milagro peaked at 102 on the charts. But seven years later, they reached number one with this scorching collaboration with matchbox twenty’s Rob Thomas released one week into summer the opening. Larry set the stage for a complete conquest of radio airplay smooth ultimately spent 12 weeks at number one and gave Carlos Santana, his biggest hit since black magic woman while many rock legends his age disappeared years prior the supernatural shaman continued to shine in smooth fashion before we unveil our top picks here are a few honorable mentions number one hurt Johnny Cash.

I hurt myself today well you probably didn’t see this one coming in 2002. That is try to kill it Holloway after in almost 50 years in the music industry. Johnny Cash shocked the world by covering Nine Inch Nails 1995 single hurt with arguably one of the most powerful music videos of all time Johnny Cash offered a stripped-down approach as clips of his extraordinary career a copy neat the track and you could have just months after filming both Johnny Cash and his wife would pass away. But this unforgettable comeback song reminded listeners of all they accomplished through the years you are someone else. I am still right here do you agree with our list what are your favorite comeback song the more music top 10s published every day be sure to follow newyorkdowntownclown.com.

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