You know they’re singles ? But do you know how they influenced music welcome to Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten underrated rock bands for this list we’re looking at bands in the rock genre that may not get as much love as they deserve. While we know how much you mojo holux loved bands like rise against and Muse will be excluding them based on their large and devoted fan bases and critical and commercial success.

Let’s go Top #10 Underrated Rock Bands

Number ten Mudhoney named after a 1965 Russ Maher film this Seattle man might not have the fame of Soundgarden or Pearl Jam, but they were responsible for kicking off the grunge movement of the early 90s with their debut EP. Super fuss big muff Mudhoney unknowingly shaped the mind of Kurt Cobain and the sound of Nirvana, while inspiring countless musicians of the Pacific Northwest you might recognize him from the 1996. Chris Farley film black sheep but chances are you probably can’t name more than one Mudhoney song under pressure Oh.

Number nine Creedence Clearwater Revival Oh Oh together only five years the sound of these swamp rockers define the Vietnam era of rock and roll while the most popular. Creedence Clearwater Revival Tunes have become karaoke classics and although they are considered one of the great musical acts of the late sixties to early seventies. They are often overshadowed by other bands of the era in fact CCR holds the record for most singles to reach number two on the charts, without ever achieving a number one single an underrated rock band indeed.

Let’s go number eight the Stone Roses inspired by the clash and unafraid of their public image this influential manchester band toured for years. Before the 1989 release of the acclaimed debut album with a touch of acid house and garage rock the Stone Roses created one of the definitive British albums and followed it up with the equally successful second coming. Unfortunately a freak injury and musical detachment caused guitarist John Squire to quit in 1996 and the Stone Roses never again released a studio album and so Oasis stepped into the spotlight and seemingly took on their disenchanted persona.

Number seven deep purple as part of the unholy trinity of the 70s British rock these heavy-metal pioneers are the less appreciated siblings of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. While deep purple is highly regarded amongst musicians the casual music fan probably knows David Coverdale as the guy with the hair from Whitesnake, not only have most of the key members of the loudest band in the world managed to stay together over the decades. But they still continue to innovate their sound long after the release of their 1968 debut shades of deep purple.

Number six Electric Light Orchestra straight out of Birmingham England these progressive rockers torched the charts in the mid 70s. But it’s not often that you hear someone say I have to hear Electric Light Orchestra now armed with violins and numerous woodwinds. Jeff bland and company gave the world poppy feel-good numbers. That are simply hard to ignore maybe it’s the passing of time or perhaps their enormous afros, but the pure craftsmanship of Electric Light Orchestra has lost. It’s Thunder in this crazy modern world of diluted music do yourself a favor and allow yourself to be moved by the eclectic sound of yellow.

Number five Tears for Fears with a name inspired by primal therapy and John Lennon’s personal shrink. Arthur Janov this insightful band offered more than your usual scent pub acts lyrically Tears for Fears were genius prophets of the early mtv era and continued to explore. New sounds into the 1990s although a different lineup would release three albums post 1991. It was the trilogy of conceptual 80’s albums that stand the test of time, while many 80’s bands failed to innovate their style Tears for Fears were natural poets of their day and inherently thought-provoking musicians take a listen to songs from the big chair and tell us they’re not underrated.

Hi at number four Violent Femmes. Let me go who doesn’t love the 80s hit blister in the Sun well not many despite the popularity of that track the full discography of these Milwaukee musicians has managed to elude the playlists of rock bands worldwide they were discovered playing on a street corner by James Honeyman Scott of the pretenders, who went on to produce their critically acclaimed debut in 1983 with remarkable musicianship and the unforgettable voice of Gordon gano. It’s a crime not to experience the immaculately eighties albums of Violent Femmes at least once in your life.

Number three ZZ Top the amazing musicianship of this blues rock trio often gets lost behind their awesome beers with an expansive discography. That begins in 1971 ZZ Top has been creating some of the best blues rock jams ever since these guys really shred on stage and i have a knack for writing suggestive numbers, while building on various musical styles whether you like the raw southern style of their older work or the groove of albums like Eliminator ZZ Top has something for everyone.

Number two Pixies formed in Massachusetts these indie rockers went relatively unnoticed in America. During their early years, but their experimental sound led to immense popularity abroad with bizarre lyrics and an explosive sound that would transform 90s. Rock Pixies disbanded in 1993 after four classic records, while larger budgets ultimately led to a polished sound the raw intensity of their 1988 debut surfer rosa challenged the average listener. While inspiring countless musicians the rock world was recently graced with a new release from the band and although it received less than favorable reviews. It’s great to see the indie legends back where they belong said first before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions.

Take some time number one the kinks with all due respect to the binos these British musicians were not only part of the British Invasion, but consistently released immaculate productions with the course of their 30-year career some of their early hits became pop sensations. But their artistry evolved into the 70s and 80s led by the astounding riding skills of Ray Davies by incorporating world travels into their contents along with observations of their native England. The kinks changed the face of music and some may argue that their enduring legacy stands up alongside their friends from Liverpool regardless the kinks can never be praised enough so do you agree with our selections what is your favorite underrated rock band for more mind-blowing. Top 10s published every day be sure to follow and you can read articles Top #10 Comeback Songs Amazing !

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