If you love fishing and sea, then you should try spearfishing. Spearfishing is not a common activity among countries in the world, but it is still a good one to get experience. In general, it is similar to diving. However, spearfishing still has lots of different points from diving. Now, it is time to find out.

Kinds of spearfishing

Spearfishing from a boat

In this type, you can use a ship, a boat, a watercraft or a kayak to access shore reefs and islands as well. Sometimes, you can enter an ocean structure like man-made platforms, pinnacles, etc. Boats could be used to get a close location of a shore, but it is not really ideal for land.

Boat diving is much more popular than spearfishing. You can find it in the northern islands of New Zealand, Gulf of Florida, the Great Barrier Reef, and so on. The Three Kings Islands in New Zealand is also a wonderful place for spearing trophy fish.  

Bluewater hunting

Bluewater hunting is also a kind of spearfishing, but it is more common than frequent spearfishing.

To start a fishing game, you should use a spearing gun. This will help you catch more fish species such as marlin, tuna, and mahi-mahi, trolling, and chumming.

It is hard to decide the right size of a solitary fish when sighted. This is because hunters do not have enough ocean structure to compare. To solve this issue, you should pay attention to the fish’s eye in relation to the body. Large fishes often have smaller eyes.

Spearfishing from a shore (Shore diving)

Shore diving is likely the most popular form of spearfishing. It involves the sea from beaches and hunting around oceans like rocks and sand. Shore diving can catch from 5 to 25 meters deep relying on location.
In subtropical, you do not find sharks but you have to face other big waves. Beach entry could be more secure because of the requirement of driving via the waves. Additionally, shore diving could be completed with some unique spears like pole spears, best speargun, etc. These can hunt and keep more fishes on the floats and lines.

How to begin with a spearfishing game

Draw attention to the safety point in advance

Like other games, spearfishing also gets some dangers that you do not know. Bring a protective gear and make sure that you know how to use wisely. Ask other experienced persons about spearfishing and consult some tips from them.

Do with friends

Never perform this category yourself only. Do you know that your brain will die if you do not give it oxygen within 2 minutes? When you do not have enough oxygen masks, your friends can help you bring another. If you get leg cramps, you will not swim or move your leg straightly. Your friends will help you to tackle this problem.

Prepare equipment thoroughly

Make a list that you need to carry in your journey. Do not miss out a dive knife as it will protect you from bigger attackers and you can hunt small fishes.

Learn the diving spots

Each place will have different terrains and other things like rough waters, and currents. Find local residences are the best one but find out more information yourself when you do not have anyone.

If you doubt, so you should not go.

Find out a mentor

If you are lucky to have a buddy or an acquaintance is experienced this point, then ask them some questions. It would be greater to recommend a mentor. Try to keep in touch with them as long as you can. You will get all the useful information and some additional bonuses to help your future journey.

Improve your breath skill

Spearfishing is a similar form of diving, so you should practice your breath underwater. This will need to spend the time to undertake and you should find a teacher or someone else to guide you.

At the same time, you enable to practice how you circulate the air from your lungs to the outside.

Avoid putting your hands in the dark holes

Dark holes and caves are potential risk points that you should pay more attention. This is because you do not know anything behind the scene of these spots.

You enable to touch something that is toxic. Therefore, just touching something that you can see and know what it is. Do not get your life to a dangerous situation like these. It is not worth to do that! Be curious at another place!

Follow the guide’s instruction

You even are an experience spear hunter; you should follow the guide’s instruction. This is because you cannot know the dangerous situation is waiting for you underwater. All activities should be gone with a solid system from a guide.

Do not lose your sight of the people around you. Why? This will help you protect them and they also do it for you. Teamwork or a group work in the spearfishing is essential. Are you ready for spearfishing right now?

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