New York Downtown Clown offers two classes- The Clown Playground and The Slapstick Dojo. Information on each follows below.

These monthly workshops do not focus on how to be a clown, but are rather fun and exciting classes in Dance, Business, Performance Styles, and Movement Techniques which are meant to inspire and enhance the work of people that are already clowns. The Clown Playground is open to people of all levels of experience from fan to professional. Space is limited for the workshops so reserve your spot today by emailing us at [email protected]

March 3rd Clown Playground- Classic Clown Acts Video Presentation

The video presentation will be one hour and 30 minutes of classic circus clowning from around the world, culled from hundreds of hours of film and video that Mr. Cashin has collected over the last 25 years.
Tom & Tammy Parrish, Lou Jacobs, The Rastellis, Walter Galletti, Otto Greibling, The Pickle Family Circus clowns (Bill Irwin, Geoff Hoyle & Larry Pisoni) , Barry Lubin, Jeff Gordon, George Carl and Charlie Rivel.

WHEN: Monday, 3/3/2008, 9-10:30pm
WHERE:440 Studios, 440 Lafayette St. (btwn Astor Place and 4th St. and across the street from The Public Theater.) Studio 4E, on the 4th Fl.
FEE: $10


Circus comedian Pat Cashin is a New Jersey based writer and performer who has worked with several leading American circus companies. He has been described as “an inspired architect of slapstick circus silliness” whose performances are “a cartoon cavalcade of idiosyncratic oddities and imaginative absurdities”and that he is a “passionate practitioner of his ageless, eccentric art”, which is really just a long-winded way of saying that he’s a circus clown that thoroughly loves his job.
Starting out at 13 playing backyard birthday parties and other local events, by 21 he had moved up to national comedy clubs and showrooms. In 1997 he graduated from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and began his professional circus career with Hansen’s Spectacular Thrill Show. He has since become a seasoned veteran performing with Shrine circuses as well as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey (The Greatest Show on Earth), the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros Circus and Caesar’s Royal Roman Circus at Caesar’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino.
He has taken part in the massive AEMI Clown Festivals in China, is chief “Producing Clown” each summer with the Dingbats (a team of traveling baseball stadium clowns) and holds the distinguished position of ‘Stupidvisor of Pedia-tricks and Clownocology’ of the Jersey Shore Clown Doctors program at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, NJ.
In addition to many regional newspapers, he has been profiled in The New York Times and Life magazine.
Although his first love will always be circus clowning, many people recognize him from a number of high-profile television projects, most notably an award-winning Visa Check Card commercial with multiplying bunny rabbits which premiered during the 2001 Super Bowl.
Touring throughout the United States (and as far away as China and Singapore) performing anywhere family audiences can be found, he can currently be seen clowning and/or acting as “Comedy Ringmaster” at scores of Shrine Circus performances all across America.
Mr. Cashin, his wife, young son and dog all reside together in a house stuffed with clown props on the Jersey Shore.

The focus of this class is instruction and development of comedy trips, falls, slaps, kicks and comic uses of props. This is an ongoing class with rolling open admission. Students may choose to pay for one class at a time or purchase a month pass. The class operates similar to a yoga or martial arts class, where students of all skill levels are encouraged to come to “work out” and further develop technique. Each class will include instruction in specific skills and exercises that will teach students the methods and moves of slapstick greats from silent films, circuses, and contemporary physical comedy.

Slapstick is the comedy martial art and the study of it has benefits for all types of performers. This class aims to increase sense of timing, use of physical space, improve improvisational skills, enforce connection and communication with a partner, sharpen physical action and reactions, and develop comedic sense. In addition we hope to prepare actors for physical comedy based roles in film, commercials, and on stage.

WHEN: Every Wednesday from 6-7pm, Starting March 5th, 2008.
WHERE: West Side Dance Project – 260 W 36 Street, 3rd Floor.
FEE:$15 per class or $50 for a month pass.